May 11, 2015 • 55M

The Combo Podcast - Lads, Get Your Pitchforks Out! - 2

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The world's best video game and technology analysis show. This podcast started with us being tired… by the end we were even more tired and even less motivated. We discuss The Witcher 3, Game Dev Tycoon, LEGO: Star Wars, Toy Story 3 and are organising a riot. ALSO 60 FPS IS OBJECTIVELY BETTER THAN 30! Follow us on Twitter for updates on new podcasts. As usual, leave feedback as this is a new show and any feedback is very much appreciated. Our upload schedule is now every Monday at about 12 noon British Time. You can subscribe on iTunes and a 5* rating would help us get more exposure. You can subscribe directly through our RSS feed and find us on SoundCloud. If you are interested in football, check out my (Salimbo's) "Football Ramblings" focussed on the beautiful game.