Dec 18, 2017 • 1HR 3M

The Combo Podcast - Alien Fidget Spinners (18 December 2017)

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BREAKING NEWS: Alien Fidget Spinners attacking stations in different systems! What are their intentions? Brian and I are both ill, so apologies for not sounding as clearly. Also, he's travelling and has bad internet connection, which affects how natural the conversations sound. I hope I fixed it with editing. If you like the show, please share it. If you have any thoughts, contact me through something like Twitter. I am always looking for feedback and thanks for those who shared their thoughts. Timestamps for the topics we discuss: 0:00 - Elite: Dangerous and the Alien Fidget Spinner attacks 16:33 - Fallout 4 VR 21:36 - Payday 2 VR 33:27 - FIFA 18 and Microtransactions, lootbox backlash 44:25 - Hitman 2016, Paris level free 48:59 - New Superfast Internet 50:16 - Steam Stops Accepting Bitcoin 53:32 - Blade Runner 2049 1:00:57 - Concluding Subscribe to the Combo: * Apple Podcasts: (Click Subscribe on the player above) * Subscribe to the RSS Feed: * Or get notified about new episodes posts through Twitter: Follow Salimbo on Twitter: